projectS SINCE 2000

2019    Urban development, public policy and the contradictions of decent                          housing: Insights from Mexico

            Evaluation of NoBI Sureste Initiative and Proposed Entrepreneurship Projects

            Urbanization and the geography of urban warming in residential areas of                      Mérida, Mexico

2015    Análisis de Demanda y Oferta del Chile Habanero y Productos Derivados en                los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

2010    Global production networks and regional development policy in Yucatán,                  México

            Mexico's FOBAPROA debacle and lessons for the U.S. financial crisis

2009    Informal work in Mexico and Latin America: Recent debates and competing                    perspectives

2008    Economic and Transportation Impact of Warehousing on Rural Pennsylvania

2007    Globalization of food retailing in southeastern Mexico: Transformation of                        supply networks and consequences for small-scale agricultural producers

            Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Territorial Reviews:                Yucatán, Mexico

            Globalization of food retailing and the consequences of walmartization in                      Mexico

2005    Globalization of banking and local access to financial resources: a case study                from southeastern Mexico

2004    Export-oriented industrialization and regional development in Yucatán, Mexico                Using spatial multipliers to assess regional economic policy in Yucatán, Mexico

2003    Using spatial multipliers to identify economic interdependencies among                          communities in Southwest Michigan

2000    The interaction of economic reforms, socio-economic structure and agriculture in              Mexico

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